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Tom Wright
Wright Bros Industrial Supply

We had an amazing experience working with Shoshana. She remade our whole website making it easier to navigate through and added an online store section. If we had a problem with the color scheme, with wording or anything of the sort it was super easy to communicate with her and ask if these certain things could be changed. She follows through on all aspects of website development. She made sure to wrap up any loose ends and follow through to the finish. It was amazing experience working with her.

Paula Adler
Holly's Hobby Christmas Shop

I would definitely recommend Shoshana Mann at Positive Seven Marketing. She was very quick to respond to all emails or calls. She asked just the right questions to be sure that my website could accomplish all of the things that were required. Best of all, she took extra time to be sure everything was up and running correctly and taught me things that were beyond my scope. I really enjoyed working with her and will be contacting her in the future if we need anything.

Dan Halbmaier
Easy DEF Pump

She kept this project on track to completion! We had started and stalled a few times before without her. Highly knowledgeable and totally professional. Site is up and running flawlessly. Tough year in business and we are ahead of last year. If you are looking for real help - Shosh is it.

Sarah Smith
Harlow & Co.

Shosh is great to work with as she knows the ins and outs and helped navigate where I needed it. She made herself available and communicated well. I recommend Shosh for someone wanting to create a new WIX site or upgrade their current one.


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