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Greg Cirillo
HCH Legal

Shosh Mann completely re-did our firm web site and did a fantastic job. Most importantly, she took the time to learn about our firm, and to understand who we are, how we are different, who our clients are, and why other lawyers might want to work with us. She actually helped us to re-center our own image of ourselves, which has carried over into other areas. She's a great copywriter, proofreader as well as designer and emotional support person! Did I mention that she met every deadline? Amazing!

Stephen Axel
Axel Coaching

Having been a Chief Marketing Officer for 3 NASDAQ companies, I've worked with a lot of web and graphic designers. Shoshana is a rare combination of great design, creative solutions, and on-time delivery. No matter the size or scope of your project, I highly recommend Shoshana!

Jessica Rae Levin
JRae Consulting LLC

The value that Shosh brings to the creativity, innovation and vision of a new business or to even the marketing strategy for an existing business is incomparable to anyone else I have worked with. Shosh is able to bring ideas to life in a creative and compelling way while maintaining effective communication with her clients throughout the process. She is not only smart and a guru at what she does, but she’s also funny, personable and one of the greatest listeners I have ever met.


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